Our Investment Portfolio

City Intel (intelligent Architechture)
Investments & Acquisitions

We continue to invest in our future and have a significant portfolio of innovative technology products and services.

The iOiN Partnership is a leading, active business management group of companies drawing on years of history in investment and business management, the partnership has the experience and resources to provide our clients with direct business solutions with an emphasis on creating a sustainable growth markets and diversity in new product integration that complement the individual brand without the risk of significant investment at early stages of asset alloction

We have significant investment programs in both digital and component R&D. We have been in business long enough to understand that without investment in future technology failure is inevitable.

We build our future as we see it, and we associate, invest and acquisition in directional business enterprises that add to our hive collective.


Today were thinking smart in investments

iOiN Partnership is investing in demiurgic  foundations of smart city communications. From business digital marketing media to safe community and transportation surveillance technology.

In our future we see the next generation of how we can link your business direct to our growing network of IOT frame working.

“Living and creating sustainability is a challenge for all business enterprises”. 

Our focus is to challenge how we interact within our communities, with the key aim on how our developing technology, data management systems and our people can transform our cities to become the the future of your business media.

iOiN Partnership is investing in City Intel - creating smart city media communications and intelligent surveillance systems for both commercial and none commercial growth.

iOiN Partnership - Smart City BLIPS Surveillance

Research and development in intelligent surveillance systems.

iOiN Partnership - Smart City Digital Media

Research and development in recognition digital media communications